Guidelines for Computation

    1. Special Energy Meters (SEM) in WR:
        1. Details of SEMs installed in WR are available at . MASTER.txt contains following SEM details.
          1. Meter ID
          2. CT Ratio
          3. PT Ratio
          4. Type of Meter
          5. Location of Meter

    2. Use Notepad to open raw Data, Processed and Entity wise SEM data files.

    3. Raw SEM data:
      1. As per IEGC 6.4.21 Encrypted SEM data from all concerned stations is sent to WRLDC every week by Tuesday for data validation and energy accounting.
      2. Encrypted SEM data is decoded at WRLDC using software’s provided by SEM vendors.
      3. Decoded SEM data at WRLDC end is used for Energy accounting and is available in text files.
      4. Decoded SEM data of all meters in WR is available at
      5. Raw SEM data is uploaded in website every week by Friday after completion of energy accounting.

    4. Processed Data:
      1. Wh Raw SEM data is computed for actual values (in MWh) by applying multiplication factor.
        1. Multiplication Factor(M.F)= (CT Ratio x PT Ratio)/1000000
      2. Inputs for M.F is available
      3. Weekly processed SEM data is uploaded in website every week by Friday
      4. Processed SEM data is available at
      5. Each .rar file contains seven folders in the format of DDMMYY.
      6. Each folder contains processed SEM data of all meters for a particular day.
      7. Format of file name pertaining to a SEM meter is NPXXXXA.MWH/GJXXXXA. XXXX is four digit meter id.
      8. Each processed data file (NPXXXXA.MWH) contains data in 16 rows, each row contains data of 4 blocks(i.e 00:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs)

    5. Entity wise SEM data:
      1. Entity wise Injection/Drawal data is available at
      2. Each entity wise file contains
        1. Master frequency data(In 2 digit Frequency code format) Actual frequency = 49.5 + (Frq Code/100)
        2. SEM data of lines from which Injection/Drawal is computed
        3. Total Injection/Drawal of an entity
      3. Philosophy of Injection/Drawal Computation:
        1. The sign convention of power flow recorded by meters is positive for power flow out of bus-bar and negative for power flow into the bus-bar.
        2. Net injection/drawal at any location is algebraic sum of meters (including sign) on all feeders/ICTs/GTs listed with that location.
        3. Net drawal of State Utilities would be algebraic sum of drawals at all the locations listed for that utility.
        4. Multiplying factor to be applied with standby meters is to compensate for transmission losses & depends upon previous week % loss as per NPC guidelines.

    6. SEM Discrepancies:
      1. Details of Discrepancies observed in SEM data during energy accounting is available at
      2. Weekly discrepancy report is uploaded in website every week by Friday.
      3. Discrepancy report consists of following details:
        1. Details of meters replaced with standby/check meters due to non availability of SEM data at WRLDC.
        2. Details of meters replaced with standby/check meters due to discrepancy/under recording of main meter.
        3. Details of adjustments done in main meter data due to discrepancy in few blocks.
        4. Details of New elements synchronized, COD, SSP synchronous operation, CT/PT errors reported, Time drift, Master frequency.


Last Updated On 18/07/2020